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Small Businesses

Website management made simple so you can focus on your business.

SiteWrench can help streamline your website and grow your revenue so you can focus on what's most important - your business.

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Top-quality features that take small businesses to the next level.

Small business owners value the flexibility and usability of SiteWrench.

Streamlined for business growth.

SiteWrench Forms

Simple form management

  • SiteWrench Calendar

    Absolutely simple

    As a small business ourself, we understand the value of bringing in leads. Building a user-friendly form is the first step. Sitewrench forms are easy to create, easy to edit, and easy to maintain. We focus on user experience, and our form feature provides ease.

  • SiteWrench Calendar

    Critical data collection

    Once leads complete the form, you need a plan in place to groom the new information. SiteWrench automatically sends any new completed forms to specified email addresses. All data is stored in a SiteWrench database, so you are free to download your new leads at any time.

Express your industry expertise

  • SiteWrench Calendar

    Effortless blog entries

    No need for HTML knowledge. Simply type or copy and paste, then leave the styling up to SiteWrench! We take pride in knowing clients are comfortable using our products, and our blog feature consistently receives positive feedback.

  • SiteWrench exceptional tools

    Variety of exceptional tools

    Entering the writing is one component, but adding some flash takes your blog to the next level. With SiteWrench, add flash with ease. Incorporate photos, videos and more to highlight new business partners, company parties or major industry trends and ideas.

SiteWrench Blog
Photo Gallery
SiteWrench Photo Gallery

A glimpse into the business

  • SiteWrench Customizable galleries

    Customizable galleries

    Adding photos gives your visitors a wonderful glimpse into your business. Whether you show off your completed projects, highlight your equipment or focus on your office, visitors and potential prospects want to see your business in action. SiteWrench allows you to customize easy-to-use galleries.

  • SiteWrench Clickable option

    Clickable options

    Some businesses simply have images. Others make an impact with images. Once you upload your gallery of photos, SiteWrench creates various gallery options with the user in mind. Offer a glimpse into your business with a clickable thumbnail gallery, full resolution image sizes, and more.

Control your message

  • SiteWrench Calendar

    Enhance content

    Whether you create quarterly video reports, record special announcements or have recurring sessions, SiteWrench offers a perfect solution. SiteWrench integrates with Vimeo and YouTube so that your visual content displays perfectly on your site.

  • SiteWrench Privatize internal media

    Privatize internal media

    We know that some information needs to be kept within the business. SiteWrench boasts password-protected pages, which allows clients to upload content the same way they always do without the public having access to it. Some content is best kept inside.

Media Archives
SiteWrench Media Archives

Show off your staff

  • SiteWrench Calendar

    Spotlight employees

    Employees enjoy being recognized and being part of the team. SiteWrench provides an easy-to-manage staff directory that allows you to highlight key staff members and even group by department.

  • SiteWrench Searchable features

    Searchable features

    In addition to a manageable staff directory, SiteWrench incorporates a search tool. Users do not want to scroll and look for a specific person or job title. With SiteWrench, they quickly find who they need.

Staff Directory
SiteWrench Mobile Apps
Mobile apps

SiteWrench, a CMS that keeps everything looking uniform, with endless available functionalities, was the perfect fit for us. Editing is simple and quick. Updates keep everything fresh.

David Hill YMCA of Greater Birmingham

See the full listing of features

Feature Listing
  • Fully hosted
  • Support included
  • Unified web and app management
  • Automatic updates
  • White label support
  • Up-to-date OS patching
  • Daily backups
  • Load-balanced servers
  • Email system
  • Flexibility to grow
Apps and Widgets
  • Blog
  • News feed
  • Forms
  • Calendar and Events
  • Donations
  • Media archive
  • Photo gallery
  • Staff directory
  • Ecommerce store front
  • Coupons
  • Polls
  • Banner rotator
  • File cabinet
  • Portfolio
  • RSS feed
  • eNewsetter
  • Mass Mail
  • Search
  • Page alerts
  • Registration
  • Discussion board
  • Email a friend