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Recent SiteWrench Release Notes

We ended 2016 strong and started off 2017 even stronger by making our system better than ever. We spent most of December improving our infrastructure to eliminate server timeout errors. Our team has deployed a major infrastructure change that will boost performance across all of SiteWrench.

Get the overview of some of our bug fixes and new features:


  • There was a bug that deleted pages associated with linking pages. If the linking page was deleted, then associated pages could also be deleted. This has been resolved.
  • When multiple pages were created at once using the multi-toggle option, the page order was not being properly set. This has been fixed.


  • The store was assuming a pickup location if delivery type was not shipping, which meant the Download option was not allowing you to checkout. We fixed this so that store products that are downloadable would have no problem completing checkout.
  • For Pick Up Locations, if the Country was not typed in a particular way by the user, it would not work in tandem with Tax Rates. We made the Country field a dropdown to keep the Country data correct. We also corrected all existing instances of a Country in use within Pickup Locations.
  • Subcategories were not displaying correctly.
  • We found that multiple Store Product Displays installed on one page prevented the page from rendering when viewed by a logged in SiteWrench admin.
  • Previously, sales tax was being incorrectly applied to Gift Card products set for Pick Up (rather than shipping) even when set to not taxable.
  • After unarchiving one or more products, the admin view of products was not always displaying in the correct order. Now, when a product is unarchived, it will be placed at the bottom of the list of active products and all ordinals set correctly.
  • We fixed a pagination issue causing products on subsequent pages to display incorrectly in some stores.


  • In a form with enabled payments, if all of the options in a dropdown were selected as “default” the page would not load. Now, only one option can be selected as default.
  • New Feature: You can change the “Call to Action” button on a Form. Previously the button would always say “Submit,” but now you can configure your Form to say “Pay Now” or anything else you prefer.

Locator App

  • Our Locator app now validates links and makes links clickable within the Locator app itself.
  • New Feature: The Locations page part can now push data to Google My Business allowing you to manage your GMB listings from SiteWrench.
  • New Feature: We have a new widget that can be styled to offer a location-specific landing page for any location in your Locations page part.

Other Fixes and Features:

  • The Files search in SiteWrench Admin was not pulling up existing files. We resolved this.
  • Collections page part had issues attaching images to Items and Collections Media.
  • There was an issue with Safari not allowing Admins to edit their blog posts.
  • Android push notifications were being sent to iPhone users too.
  • We made a change to error messages to increase security.

We are always hard at work to make SiteWrench a better system for you. If you are experiencing any technical problems from Sitewrench, we'd love to know. Fill out our online form or submit a support ticket from your site to get in touch with our support team.

Posted by Nicole Davis at 8:00 AM
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