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Sneak Peek: Your Revamped Content Editor

We have some exciting news for SiteWrench users! Our developers have completely revamped the SiteWrench content editor to provide the latest and greatest tools to make content management as easy as possible for you.

We’re introducing these new features over the next few days, but we wanted to give you a sneak peek into the improved editor before we permanently roll it out. As always, if you have any concerns with or feedback on this new editor, please submit a support ticket and we’ll be glad to take a look.

Without further adieu, here are a few of the items you can look for in this new editor.

See Your Website’s Styles

When you’re typing and formatting text and choose an option from Header 1 through Header 6, you can now see the difference between them before you choose them. This new editing feature gives you a little preview of the styles associated with your site and how the text will actually appear when you choose a style for it.

What’s more, if you have dedicated CSS styles that our designers have added to your site, such as buttons and block quotes, those will now appear in the CSS styles dropdown. You will only see the CSS styles that are applicable to your site. That means no more sorting through endless CSS options, trying to figure out which ones are actually styled for your site and available for your use.

Enhanced Formatting Features

All of the same standard text formatting options that you’re accustomed to using are still available to you, but they’re now easier to use and look a little sleeker! A few of them even do a little more work than they used to. Here’s an overview list of the current and new formatting capabilities of your SiteWrench content editor:

  • Bold, italicize and underline your text.
  • Utilize bullet points and numbers.
  • Align your paragraphs.
  • Use the paste tool button to paste as plain text, or paste from Word.
  • Undo or redo your recent changes.
  • Insert links or remove them.
  • Use the flag icon to insert anchored links easily.
  • Indent your content.
  • Strip content formatting using the Tx button next to your standard text formatting buttons.
  • Insert a block quote into your text (to set a quote apart from the rest of your content).
  • Expand your editing view to fullscreen with the big “X”.
  • Customize the size of your editor by pulling down the right corner of your editor box. The editor view will also auto-grow once you reach a certain height!
  • Use our new find and replace tool to search for words in lengthy content.
  • Check your spelling to flag any potentially embarrassing misspellings! 

Inserting Media, Made Easy!

Perhaps the best part of our new editor is the ease with which you can insert images, videos, and audio files. Instead of uploading like you normally would, images can now be pasted and dropped directly into the SiteWrench content editor!

If you’re wondering how to find the file, you can search for the name in your files section (ex: Test_Image) and you will find that SiteWrench has automatically tacked [pasted_] onto the front of the File name: (ex: pasted_Text_Image).

Our editor supports HTML5, which means you can directly insert video and audio files into the editor as well, and they will be formatted to work on every browser.

Images can also now be added by browsing for files on your site. Simply click to insert an image as usual, then select “Browse Server.” You can also format the image right after selecting it (and before inserting it) by adjusting the size, border, alignment, and spacing around the image.

Clean and Simple HTML

Inserting and viewing HTML has never been easier. With the new editor, to view the HTML side of the content, you select the “Source” button in the upper left hand corner. The HTML is split into numbered lines so that you have a clear idea of which lines your code is on. This numbering might help you figure out how to eliminate extra spacing, because now you can see the empty rows and know that nothing exists there.
  • You can use the tools we included with our Source editing options as well:
  • Brackets will auto format
  • </> will auto-complete tags (ex. if you open a <div> it will automatically close with </div>)
  • Note: these buttons only apply while in Source mode

Click the “Source” button again to switch back to the normal content editor view. If you want a mix of normal looking content and HTML content, use the “show block” icon to show you how your HTML is arranged, like what text is in which block. You can edit within that view, so you can add text within the same P block or hit enter and create a brand new P block.

What if you want to insert some lengthy bit of HTML supplied to you by a third party site or application like YouTube? In that case, use the handy “Insert” dropdown and select HTML. A pop up box will open and allow you to insert the code, and it will apply it properly into the source. If you want, you can even type out your HTML in this box as well.

What Do you Think of the New Editor?

We hope this sneak peek post has gotten you as excited as we are about the release of the updated SiteWrench content editor! We can’t wait for SiteWrench users to start using it to their advantage.

However, we understand that change can be a little confusing sometimes. So don’t hesitate to contact us and ask questions if you’re unsure about something when you begin using the new editor. Also stay tuned for more detailed training articles concerning the new SiteWrench Editor.

Posted by Nicole Davis at 3:00 PM
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