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November Sitewrench Updates

We've made some exciting updates to Sitewrench, including some integrations, new features and bug fixes. Read more below.

Mail Chimp List Integration

There is now integration possible between your Mail Chimp account and SiteWrench. If you have a button on your site that encourages subscribers to sign up for email updates, most likely those emails are being housed in your SiteWrench Mass Mail list section.

It has always been possible to export that list of emails and then upload to your desired mass mail provider. Now it’s possible to have one of your SiteWrench mass mail lists push to a list within your Mail Chimp account. This push would allow take out the step of having to export this list and uploading it into Mail Chimp. 

What do you need to make this happen?

  • Check with your Account Manager to see if your SiteWrench plan includes the ability to push to Mail Chimp. 
  • Create or edit one SiteWrench list that will house your new subscribers.

Sitewrench CMS for businesses - Sitewrench Support Center

  • Select the checkbox that says “Sync Mail Chimp” 
  • Grab your Mail Chimp API from your Mail Chimp account and enter it into the field.
    • Go to your Mail Chimp Account
    • Click on “Extras”
    • Go to “API keys” and create a new one
  • Grab your Mail Chimp list ID from your Mail Chimp account and enter it into the field
    • Go to your Lists
    • Click on the arrow for “Settings” under one particular list you wish to use
    • Scroll all the way down to find your unique Mail Chimp list ID
Sitewrench CMS for businesses - Sitewrench Support Center

Please note: This change in the system pushes the newly subscribed emails from SiteWrench to Mail Chimp. If you make a change to your list on Mail Chimp it does not automatically update your associated SiteWrench mass mail list. Additionally, if you modify an existing email in the SiteWrench list, it will not automatically update Mail Chimp. 

Profiles will auto-populate Store fields upon Checkout

Last time we discussed how our SiteWrench updates link user Profiles to online donations. We’re pleased to say we’re ever improving on this feature. Now when a user is logged in, their Profile’s First name, Last name, and Email will automatically populate the default shipping fields in the SiteWrench store upon checkout. 

This is one less step for your customers to take before purchasing off your site. Check out how to customize your Profile fields so you can capture the most relevant information from your users.

New Prayer Request Form Header

You might be familiar with our new Prayer Module, which allows your users to submit prayer requests to your church or organization. Users can submit public prayer requests, which in turn allows the community of website visitors to prayer over that request and mark that they have been prayed for. 

We added a feature that allows the church or organization to populate the top of the Prayer Request form with content. This allows the church to give any message they desire to the person submitting a prayer.

  • Edit your Prayer’s Module’s Settings
  • Scroll to the bottom to see field for “Request Form Header”

Sitewrench CMS for businesses - Sitewrench Support Center

  • Check the public-facing side of the form to see how it looks

Sitewrench CMS for businesses - Sitewrench Support Center

System bug fixes

The /profile fields will now auto format the phone number fields. Before, it was allowing you to enter an invalid phone number format. Now when you populate the field it will automatically insert the dashes for you.

As always if you have any requests or questions about Sitewrench, you're always welcome to submit a Sitewrench Support ticket and our Support team will address your specific question. We also offer weekly SiteWrench training Tuesdays at 2.

Posted by Nicole Davis at 9:10 AM
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