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Sitewrench Updates for 9-30-2015

If you’ve logged in to your website’s admin panel lately, you’ve noticed some major changes that have been ongoing for the last month or two. We have made some big changes to SiteWrench and our server setup, in an effort to increase security, reliability and speed.

Below are a couple of the changes to our platform that will improve your Sitewrench experience. While some of these differences are behind the scenes, you will notice a faster experience on SiteWrench as a user both on the backend and the frontend of your site.

As always if you have any questions about the changes or how it impacts your website, our Sitewrench Support team is here to help.

New Servers

We recently completed migration of all Sitewrench accounts to our new Highly Available servers. As part of this move we have modified our deployment strategy to implement zero downtime deployments, which means much less planned downtime. For you, this means we no longer have to plan for early morning downtimes, so you’ll see less notices about scheduled downtime, and more time up and running full speed.

In the past, we would deploy new versions of our applications from 4:30am to 6:00am CST, but this change allows us to deploy at any time of day without noticeable downtime for our users.

Our new server setup is fully virtualized with multiple database servers, multiple web servers, and Highly Available storage. This ensures balance, as the system will constantly monitor how many users are currently on one web server versus a secondary web server, and will automatically load balance each user so they can experience the site without load time issues.

As a safety measure, having multiple web servers that are both bigger and faster than our previous setup is ideal. If for some reason one web server goes does, another web server will immediately take all the traffic and minimize downtime. While this is highly unlikely to happen, it is an excellent precaution to have in place. Since this setup is fully virtualized, we have the capability of adding additional web servers and increasing system resources easily as needed.

Throughout the server migration and going forward, our system infrastructure is just as secure as it has always been. Rackspace, Inc. is still our chosen provider for dedicated hosting. The safety measures we have in place to protect the servers as well as your information is extensive. If you would like to learn more, please refer to our System Infrastructure guide.

Update to User Profile

SiteWrench has updated custom fields in the User Profile section of your site. Here’s an overview of what you can accomplish with Custom Profile fields:
  • You can switch the fields on or off (now including default fields)
  • Select if you want them shown as fields at all in registration or in profile
  • Select if you want them required at registration or required within the profile
  • For new custom fields you create, you now have the ability to decide if you want them to appear only in Registration, or only in Profile
  • Reorder your fields so your new custom fields are inline with default existing fields

If you are unfamiliar with this section of your SiteWrench, here are some basic tips on how to adjust these fields and settings.
  • Go to the People icon and select “Custom Profile Fields” at the top. 

What used to be default and required fields, like Title or Date of Birth or Gender are now editable fields that you can choose to show in either registration or profile, or you can turn them off entirely.

You can also add your own custom profile fields to better suit your organization. This is particularly useful if you want to set up site membership for users to have an existing profile every time they return to your site. You can add in a new field (located at the bottom of People) just like you would on a Form page part.

You also now have the ability to drag and drop these new custom profile fields to reorder them inline with the existing default fields. Simply click and hold on the area surrounding the field and drag it above or below an existing field. The new order will automatically be saved.

As a reminder, please make sure you refresh your browser every time you want to see changes you’ve made on the /admin side of your site. This will ensure when you look at the public-facing side of your site you are seeing the latest changes!

Content Management for Business

With every change we make to the Sitewrench platform, we fully evaluate what processes and pain points this will alleviate for the end user. These new server changes allow us to seamlessly continue to offer a CMS that is built for businesses and customizable to meet your needs. Do you have a feature that would benefit SiteWrench, or are you looking for a specific feature? Contact our Sitewrench Support team for more information or to schedule a demo to see how you can put the SiteWrench platform to work for you.
Posted by Nicole Davis at 11:33 AM
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