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SiteWrench Updates: Donation and Store features 3-9-16

We have some new and exciting features surrounding our Store and Online Donation page parts in SiteWrench. These changes will help your organization promote donations at checkout!

Donation During Checkout

We have a new feature that gives you the ability to enable an ask for a donation during your online store’s checkout. This feature needs to be added to your site, so reach out to your Account Manager if you have an interest.

Once it’s added to your site, you can enable it by going to your Store’s General Settings. Scroll down to the bottom, and choose an Online Donation page part from your dropdown list. You can even add in a stylized message to the donor.

When your customer is ready to check out, they will be prompted to decide if they would like to make an additional donation along with their purchase at the point of checkout. This saves your customer several steps, as they no longer have to go to a separate page to make a donation. They only have to enter their payment information once and their donation is recorded to their profile and in your Online Donation page part records.

Profile Creation Upon Donations

We recently made a change that links user profiles on a site to donations. In other words, your donors can take a look at their giving history on their site. It’s a great new feature, and with it comes the ability to automatically give new donors a profile on your site so they can begin tracking donations.

Or don’t Create Profiles, that’s fine too

Previously, when a donor gave for the first time, they were automatically emailed with information regarding their new profile on SiteWrench. (The profile is only created upon donation if the donor's first name, last name, and email address do not already match a profile in the system.) Our new update gives the site administrator the ability to turn on or off this option.

  • Go to your Donation Page Part
  • View the Settings section
  • Select or deselect the checkbox that says “Create profile for donor if user is not logged in”

Store Order Reports and Export

We recently launched the ability to run and export Store Sales Reports by Order Dates. This report will show you the orders by date range, as defined by your parameters that you set for Fulfillment Status, Payment Status, Order Tag, and Tax Exempt status.

  • Set your Parameters
  • Select “Run the report”
  • View your orders on SiteWrench; select the Order # to view the full Order
  • Export to view the data via CSV on Excel or Numbers.

This report will help you keep track of your orders, aid you with your shipment labeling, and even make it easier to keep track of declined transactions.

Make donations and sales tracking easier on your site with our new features. Talk to your Account Manager today.

Posted by Nicole Davis at 4:21 PM
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