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SiteWrench Release Notes

Hey there! It's Nicole, your friendly Sitewrench Community Manager. Our team has spent a lot of time in the last couple of months making system improvements, tackling bugs that could affect the user experience both on the front end and the back end. We have also pushed out some new features in our system to improve your experience with SiteWrench, which I'm excited to tell you about. Read on to learn more. As always, if you have any questions about how these changes affect your site, you can submit a support ticket through your admin panel or search our Sitewrench Support database.

New Features

The following are new features we're excited to release to Sitewrench users:

  • SiteWrench Admin: We have adjusted our error messages with SiteWrench to appear within a red box rather than a blue box so as to bring more attention to the error for the benefit of the admin.
  • Pages: The Page Name, Title, and Shortcut were previously linked when creating or editing the Page Settings in the pop up modal. Anytime the Page Name was adjusted, the Page Name, Title and Shortcut were automatically updated to match the Page Name, which would wipe out any independent edits previously made for those Title and shortcut fields. Now this has been adjusted so that when you first create the page, the Name, Title and Shortcut will auto-populate with whatever you add into the Page Name -- but now when editing the page after it has been created, you can easily edit the Page Name without it affecting the Title or Shortcut.
  • Pages: We updated the Shortcut field within Page Settings so that it does not allow consecutive dashes. If a page currently has consecutive dashes, it will not be affected unless the shortcut is purposely updated. Then the updated shortcut will trigger the automatic 301 redirect option, so that your previous shortcut can remain in place and safely redirect to the newly updated shortcut.
  • Forms, Registrations, Donations Page Parts: We now allow the user to click or tap the label of the check box to interact with the element.
  • Blog: We updated the errors on the blog saving process so that the required fields are more consistent. The only required fields are Title, Publish Date, and Shortcut.
  • Calendar: We updated the Public Event submission modal form so that it would throw an error if a user tried to submit an event with an ending date that was before the start date.
  • Locations: New locations widget, improved CSV import/export process and integration with Google My Business (look for details coming soon).
  • Global Tags: We now have the ability to create Groups for Global Tags, to better manage and organize tags throughout the site. Tags are now easier than ever to merge into existing tags, and it is possible delete multiple tags at a time. (More details coming soon!)

Bug Fixes

From time to time, we stop new development and monitor what changes can be made to existing Sitewrench features to improve their performance. Our most recent fixes for those improvements are listed here:


  • Within the Locator app, tags from categories show up under the search bar as auto-checked, so when you try to search it doesn't reveal anything. But if you uncheck the category sets, the search for zip code will work properly. We fixed this function so that if you select ALL tags within the Page Part settings, the checkboxes should not be checked when the page loads (so as to load ALL results); but when you select ANY within the page Part settings, then all of the checkboxes will be auto-checked when the page loads (so as to load ANY filtered result).
  • Admins were not able to save new categories or Subcategories within the Locator page part. This has been fixed.
  • Previously, if the Fax number wasn't populated with a value, the Contact section would not output at all to the page for the Locations Listing Widget. This has been resolved.
  • New Locations Widget had an issue displaying hours for the locations. This has been fixed.


  • The Calendar has an option for Public Submission of events. In this modal form, the ending time selector was not offering PM options, only AM. This has been fixed.
  • The Public Submission modal form for events was not stripping out a URL that had the http already applied, so the event URLs were not linking out properly. Now the URLs will link properly whether you insert a URL with or without HTTP.
  • The Upcoming Events widget would not display the proper times on events with recurring start and end times. It is now fixed.
  • When editing an event in SiteWrench on the Option Info tab, the category dropdown was cut off, so admins were unable to select from all their existing categories. This has been fixed so that the scroll now functions no matter the length of Categories to choose from.
  • Events can be tagged with categories, which in turn will filter results on the front end of a site. This filtering process was not working, but we resolved this.
  • The List View options in the Calendar settings would not always save properly if the Detail List View option had been previously selected and saved. Now we clear previously selected data when the List View option is selected and saved.
  • When submitting a public event back to back, the second event submission would have limited hours available to select from. We fixed this so that the event submitted can be any hour of the day.


  • Blog comments were not sending out notifications when submitted. We have fixed this issue.
  • If the blog post shortcut is a duplicate, SiteWrench will sometimes allow you to save and it will tell you that the post is saved, but simultaneously highlight the shortcut in red like it's an error. We made this duplicate shortcut error more clear so that admins are unable to save the blog post at all.


  • Previously, the store confirmation email was not loading the store’s Google Analytics tag. This has been corrected.
  • The Store’s Product Display widget was not allowing admins to reorder the products and save. This has been fixed.


  • If a mass mail was failing to send, it would build up the failed sends back to back. When the mass mail was finally sent, it had the potential to send multiple times. We put fail safes in place to keep this from happening again.
  • Admins were unable to add new mass mail lists, but this has since been corrected.


  • At one point the field labels were not pulling through the notification emails, so only the values were showing. This has been fixed.
  • The Form had an issue with processing payments and would throw an error screen, but this has been corrected.


  • The Google Analytics code module was not saving properly due to Chrome 57 XSS Auditor, but our team addressed the needed changes.
  • At times the public login page would not function properly, but this has been fixed.
  • Previously we changed SiteWrench so that it flags you if you try to change a page name and it notices that you already have a redirect that would create a loop. When the page name was changed several times, the system did not always catch a redirect loop error if it was a few changes apart. We changed the logic to fix this.
  • The SiteWrench Dashboard for each client was not updating with the proper date range and Google Analytics data. This has been corrected.
  • If there was an (') apostrophe in the meta description, SiteWrench thought it was the end of the meta description. We applied a fix to all user-supplied meta tag content within SiteWrench.
  • The People importer was not accepting files, but this has been fixed.


  • The Online Donation page part was not showing recent donations listed, but this has been fixed.
  • The Portfolio page part was having issues with allowing new tags to be created or added.
  • Online Registration version 1 was not submitting properly.
  • For those who use the filtering option within the Media Archive, it would save over the settings and cause the filtering to stop working properly.
  • The Menu page part was not editing properly when installed on page.


There you have it! As always, we're continually looking for ways to improve Sitewrench and make it a well-rounded solution for content management for business owners, agencies and designers. Stay tuned for our next round of updates. In the meantime, do you have any features you'd like to see on Sitewrench? Tweet us @Sitewrench or email us.

Posted by Nicole Davis at 6:30 AM
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