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October SiteWrench Release Notes

Helpful New Features in SiteWrench

It's that time again, when our hard working developers take a minute to reflect and report on what they've accomplished over the last month. This month's Sitewrench updates are continuing to make our custom content management system work harder and smarter and more agile, allowing our users to create movement better than ever before. Take a look below at some of the new features.

Auto-Validation of phone number in Online Donation

When using the Online Donation page part, the phone number field will now automatically split your donor’s phone number into 3-3-4 as you type. This feature makes the user interface easier on donors, as they don’t have to worry about inserting dashes between their phone number sets, and protects against the frustration of receiving a little red error message saying “Your phone number must be in this format” upon donation submission.

In addition to auto-formatting, the phone number itself will be validated if it’s American-based. If it’s an international phone number, your donor will start with the plus sign (+) and then the page part will allow a long number in a different format without force the USA validation.

Page Tree Navigation

We fixed a few bugs related to the Page Tree Navigation on your site. If you decide to add multiple pages at one time, it will now properly create Shortcuts as well as the page titles. In addition, pages that are set as Grouping pages will now honor the sub-setting to show a list of all subpages underneath the Grouping page.

When it comes to the Page Tree itself, we have some exciting news. After re-ordering pages, the page tree will now allow a user to click to edit a page or page properties without having to refresh first. And even better -- once the Page tree is open, it’ll remain open. You can drill down to multiple layers of subpages and select one of those subpages, and now when you click into that page to edit it, the page tree will remain open to that page.

Media Archive Page Part iTunes Podcast Submission

iTunes recently changed their rules surrounding podcast submissions; each submission now requires a Language, Category, and SubCategory. Previously we had these categories available for the Channels in Media Archive. Now we have updated our Series so that you can submit those as podcasts as well.

How do I update my Media Archive Channels and Series so that I can submit them to iTunes as a podcast?

News Archive Page Part

Previously when a new article was saved without an end date, the article would be set to end in 1900, which would cause the article to be considered a “past article.” We adjusted this to allow for articles to be published without an end date, but we also expanded on what we allow the News Page Part to do. Now you can publish an article without an end date set at all. Articles without an end date will always be considered a current article and will not expire or be moved to “past articles” unless an end date is set. Articles without a publish date will be considered “inactive,” unless an end date is set in the past, and in that case they would show up as a “past article.”

SiteWrench Store Updates

Store Product Search

In the Products portion of your Store admin area (/admin/store/products.aspx), there is now a search that will allow you to search through all of your products and find them easily. When you click on a product in the search dropdown, it takes you straight to edit the product itself.


Share Products on Social

We’ve also included a Feature in the Store allows product sharing via AddThis social sharing. This can be configured in the general Store settings in the Store function section.

Completely Customize your Product Inquiry Fields

If you’d like your customers to have the ability to send you their questions concerning your products, you will first want to turn the “Product Inquiries” on in your General Store Settings in the Store Functions section.

While you’re within the Store, open Activity in the top navigation and select “Inquiries.” From here you can view your Inquiry forms that have been submitted by customers.

We have updated the Store so that you can completely manage the fields like you would for any other Form Page Part on SiteWrench. First you must create a custom Form page part, and name it so you know it’s related to your Store’s Customer Inquiry.

  1. Go to the Page Parts Management section of your site (/admin/pageparts/)
  2. Scroll down to the Forms and select the “New” button in the top right hand corner
  3. Name and create your Form like you would anywhere else on SiteWrench. Not sure how to build a form? Learn how.
  4. Once the form is built, go back to your Store’s Activity dropdown and select Inquiries. (/admin/store/inquiries.aspx)
  5. Select “Edit Inquiry Fields”
  6. Choose the Form Page Part you just built as your Form for Product Inquiry
  7. Save Settings
  8. To edit the form in the future, you may edit the form directly through the Page Parts Management section, or come back to the Product Inquiry and select “Edit Form.”

Assign Tags to Images

We’ve given you the ability to assign a tag to your images upon upload. You might want to use tags on your images if you use our SiteWrench Store. When browsing your store, users can filter products by selecting a tag. When a user filters their view by tag, the store will show a product’s image with matching tags.

For instance, if you wanted to reveal all Products that are Ivory colored dresses in your store, you could have your shoppers click the Ivory tag, and it would reveal all products that are tagged as Ivory and display the products’ images also tagged with Ivory (allowing you to show the user product images matching the tag they selected).

To assign tags to images, you can do this upon upload, or you can go into the Files section of SiteWrench and apply the tag to one or more assets. It is possible to assign tags in bulk to multiple images at one time. Here’s a short training video on how to add tags to images.

Bug Fixes

Blog Page Part

  • Blog meta descriptions were carried through to other blog posts upon save. Now when the meta description is saved on one post, it stays on that post and does not affect the others.
  • Admins lacked the ability to remove cover and detail image from Blog posts. Now these can be fully removed and deleted out from posts.

Countdown Ticker Page Part

  • Countdown Ticker was not showing the appropriate text when “live now” link was supposed to be displayed. Now this text will display when the countdown gets to zero.

Job Board Page Part

  • Admins were unable to remove or change logo after the user submitted it on the Job Board. Now these logos can be removed and adjusted.
  • Custom Content sometimes was not editable when on the same page as a Job Postings Page Part, but now it will always be editable.

Calendar Page Part

  • When creating or modifying a Recurring event, when determining the end date of the recurring event, the never/until date selection was not toggling properly. Now when you select “never,” there is no date to choose from as the event is meant to continue indefinitely.
  • When users submitted a public event, they were unable to upload an image for the event. Now users can submit an image that will be rendered as the “Featured Image” for the event.

Microsoft Edge and IE 11 compatibility issues

  • We were receiving complaints that some administrative users on Microsoft Edge and IE 11 browsers were not able to edit their content on their site, particularly when it involved Custom Content or the News Archive Page Part. We fixed this issue so that those browsers are compatible with SiteWrench.

Other Minor Bug Fixes

  • Multiple online registration page parts installed on the same page were causing javascript issues upon submission.
  • When creating new Profiles on a site, it was throwing an error.
  • Mass Mail was not reflecting sent mail in the reports section.
  • 404 errors were being returned when users attempted to select the Help icons in SiteWrench.
  • Page Part Notes were being overwritten when page parts were being turned on and off again.


Like we mentioned, our developers have made major leaps this month. If you are experiencing any technical problems from Sitewrench, we'd love to know. Fill out our online form or submit a support ticket from your site to get in touch with our support team.

Posted by Nicole Davis at 10:00 AM
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