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November SiteWrench Release Notes

This month we’ve worked on fixing a lot of minor bugs, particularly within our store feature. We have even expanded on some new features that involve refunding money from within SiteWrench to your Authorize.net account.

How to Refund your Store Orders

When you go into your SiteWrench store, you will view the individual order you would like to refund by clicking into that order’s details. From here, you will have the option to “Mark Cancelled” next to the Payment Status. This option only exists if the transaction is an Authorize.net transaction.

Once you select “Mark Cancelled,” this box will pop up in your view. From here, you can refund a portion of the order or the full order amount. The refund will be emailed to the customer associated with the order refund amount.

Bug Fixes for our Store

  • When using the Advanced Export option, some clients had issues with their products missing some of their Color Variation values.
  • When tags were used with products, the second page loading with products would load without respect to tags. This has now been rectified.
  • In the Store admin, the Product Variations section would not load any pages outside of the first one.
  • In the Store admin, the Tax rate validation would not allow a decimal point, which meant only whole values could be set, like 7.0% rather than 7.25%. Now decimal points are allowed.
  • Within the product details, the shortcuts were being limited in characters. We have expanded the amount of characters allowed.
  • When store administrators received their order details from the store, sometimes the actual details would not appear in the email alert.
  • Prior to our change, the store would only calculate tax on an order that was to be shipped, as taxing calculation was based on the purchaser’s billing information. For those who use Local pickup options or Downloadable products, the billing information was never gathered, which meant tax information could not be processed. We’ve adjusted our store so that Local Pickup options and Downloadable products can be changed to calculate tax on their order.

New Features

Locator App

Our Locator App is a great tool to showcase all of the locations of your organization. It shows your location on a Google map, and allows you to give additional details like location name, URL, image or logo.

Previously, when you clicked on the URL, it would open up the Location within the Google Map on SiteWrench. The location would reveal the URL, but not allow you to click out to the separate website. We have adjusted this so that if you click on the hyperlinked URL, it will open up to the separate website.

Media Archive

The Media Archive page part will now grab Vimeo or YouTube thumbnail if a thumbnail isn't specified in SiteWrench.

Bug Fixes


  • For calendar page parts that allow public users to submit events, we have fixed the bug where their submitted event images were broken.
  • Users were previously able to upload .mobi and .epub files. That functionality was paused when we made some updates to our Files system, but now you can upload .mobi and .epub documents again in your /admin/files section of SiteWrench.

Job Board Page Part

  • Our Job Board page part was not saving when the User who submitted the posting was a basic site editor, but not a Super Administrative editor. We adjusted this so that those who have Basic site access and the appropriate permissions can add job postings.
  • The Job listing was not saving in the Show “From” or “To” dates were not selected. We fixed this so that it’s optional to select “From” and “To.”

Pages and Page Tree

  • The Page Tree in SiteWrench was not saving the page order properly when pages were dragged and dropped into place. This has been fixed.
  • When child pages were password protected, they were breaking the page. We fixed this so that any password protected page will work, regardless of its stance in the page navigation.

Support Tickets

  • Support tickets were showing the wrong response times, so now they show the correct time a user submits a ticket or a comment.
  • We’ve adjusted support tickets so that they no longer send notifications to inactive users.

Other Bug Fixes

  • Form page parts with enabled payments that used the Numbers field had difficulty accepting payments that included decimal points. This has been fixed.
  • Mass Mail reports were hitting an error when you tried to open them, but this has been fixed.

We're always hard at work to make SiteWrench a better system for you. If you are experiencing any technical problems from Sitewrench, we'd love to know. Fill out our online form or submit a support ticket from your site to get in touch with our support team.

Posted by Nicole Davis at 8:00 AM
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