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New Feature: Online Donations Page Part

Last week, we brought you a set of new features for user management. These updates will help manage your site’s users. We also talked about our new servers and what that meant for your business.

This week, we've got more new features to show you, and they entail how you can streamline your commerce and donations pages for your business.

User Profiles linked to Donations

User Profiles have been updated in many ways, but one of the coolest changes is that our Profiles are now linked to previous donations completed under the new Donation Version 2 page part. For instance, if your user registers for an account on your site, every time they make a Donation they will be able to see any prior donation they have made through the page part.

This is an exciting update, as your users can now also save their billing and shipping addresses to their personal profile. Making donations on your site just got a whole lot easier!

Users who are logged in can also adjust any recurring donation they have made on the site and it will automatically update the payment amount. Previously, only site administrators were given permission to adjust payments on the back end of the site for recurring donations.

To use the new features:

    • Go to your Donation page part
    • Click on “Recurring Donations”
    • You have three icons available: the eye to “view” the current details; the pencil to edit the current details, and trash can to outright delete this recurring donation.

    • Choose the pencil icon to edit the record associated with that Donor. You will be able to update their contact information, put in an entirely new credit card, or update their monthly payment amount.

Your CFO will be thankful that you no longer have to go to through Authorize.net to make these changes. Don’t worry, the existing credit card number does NOT exist on the backend of SiteWrench. Your site is still PCI compliant with this change. 

You are able to insert the new credit card details on the back end and save it, but that information will automatically update the reference to Authorize.net. It will not store the new credit card information in the site itself, protecting your user's private info.

Enable PayPal

You now have the ability to enable one time payments made via PayPal through the Online Donations Version 2 page part as long as you have Authorize.net. 

This option is helpful to donors if they prefer to donate via their PayPal account rather than filling out their credit card information.

In the same settings section, you can ask the donor to log in to their existing profile or register for a new one. This way they are able to donate using the pre-filled out Billing and Shipping information through their Profile. It saves them some time and increases convenience, which makes them happy donors.

New Store Notifications

For those of you who use Store Pickup Locations, you’ll be happy to know that we have also enabled notifications for those who choose to pickup.
    • Go to your Store
    • Choose Settings at the top
    • Select “Pick up Locations”
    • Add new pick up location (or edit existing one)

There is now a field for Notification emails. You can add more than one as long as they are comma separated.

Questions? Contact Us

If you have any questions about the new changes we have made to SiteWrench, please reach out to us by submitting a support ticket. We will be happy to answer any questions you may have.

We still offer free weekly SiteWrench training sessions. Please feel free to sign up and join a session in the upcoming months.

Posted by Nicole Davis at 12:08 PM
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