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New Changes to your Files View

We’re excited to announce a round of new user interface changes to SiteWrench. These changes affect some of the bigger pieces of SiteWrench, like the Files section, the Dashboard, the Banner Rotator page part, and the Store. To jump to a specific section, click on a section below or keep scrolling to continue reading.

Uploading Files

Inserting Files

How to Delete Files

Selecting Multiple Files

Let’s start with the Files

If you’ve been in Sitewrench lately, you’ve noticed a new view of the Files section. Our team has worked hard to provide a clean, easy to view design and uploading files is now easier than ever!

Sitewrench CMS for business | Speak Creative

Four Icons to Rule them All

There are four icons beside the Search Files bar that will allow you to add, edit, organize or delete your files. 

Sitewrench CMS | Speak Creative

Upload Files

To upload files, select the first icon on the left. A pop up box will allow you to drag files into the system, or you can select “Choose File” and find it on your computer.

inserting images into website page | Sitewrench

Create new folders to sort your files by selecting the middle left icon. The middle right icon allows you to hide folders so you can search for documents without having to dig through layers of folders. If the icon is grayed out, it means it is showing all folders; if it is blue, it is hiding folders from view.

Create a new folder | Sitewrench Support

Show or Hide Folders | Sitewrench Support

The last icon in the set of four allows you to view deleted files. If the icon is grayed out, it means it is not showing any temporarily deleted files; if it is blue it is showing the partially deleted files. Did you know that when you delete a file, it is in a partially deleted state for a period of time? From this tab, you can choose to restore or permanently delete the file.

Deleting files | Sitewrench Support

Inserting Files

With the absence of checkboxes, you might be wondering how to select files to insert them into custom content or various page parts. Simply hover over the file and an “Insert” box pops up to the right.

insert image | Sitewrench Support

How to Delete Files

To delete a file, you need to click in the general area of the file. Try clicking between File Name and Owner in the blank space. The whole file row will highlight as blue. Once it is selected, there is a "Deleted Selected" red button that appears at the top of the Files section.

Delete Files | Sitewrench Support

Selecting multiple files

You are able to select and manage multiple files at a time. You can highlight each file by clicking in the general area of the file. Or you can select one and use your arrow keys to highlight multiple.

Selecting Multiple Files | Sitewrench Support

More Sitewrench Help

Learn more tips about replacing Files on our support site. If you need immediate assistance, submit a support ticket. We also offer weekly training, Each Tuesday at 2. To learn more about our training sessions, visit our Sitewrench Training page.

Are you ready to put Sitewrench to work for you? Contact us to learn more.

Posted by Nicole Davis at 4:26 PM
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