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July Sitewrench Release Notes

Great New Features for Sitewrench Content Management

Our development team has spent significant time focusing on system improvements. We wanted to share with our our latest bug fixes and new features. 

Unlimited Content Areas

Previously existed:

  • Ability to navigate to the Main, Top, Bottom, Right, Left content areas
  • Adjust the content area names
  • Turn on/off content areas that are not active for your site
  • Your site was limited to 5 content areas

New features:

  • Unlimited content areas available for all sites
  • Content areas will show the number of page parts installed, so it is quicker to find what you’re looking for
  • Upon hover, the content areas will reveal the names of the page parts you have installed in their various areas

While it is possible to manage the content areas in this part of your site by going to Settings > Appearance > Content Areas, the content areas must be configured by our design team so that the content areas can be affiliated with your templates. This means that moving forward, your website redesign will not be limited to “Top” “Bottom” and “Left”, but might give you more clearly defined areas for specific templates. The content areas associated with your home page template and your default template will look dramatically different, because they include content areas labeled for the content we anticipate installing on your page.

For example, on your home page template you might have one content area named “Featured Articles” and have your Recent Blog post widget installed on it. You might have another content area named “Hero Image” that only includes your Banner Rotator at the top. This will make the finding of your content much simpler in the future. No more guessing where your page parts are installed and how to find your content.

Updates to the Form Page Part with Enabled Payments

Our Forms page part has undergone many changes so far this year. We strive to make this page part as accessible as possible, and allow our SiteWrench editors to configure it to match their needs. We received multiple requests to allow users the ability to enter in a unique number value and allow it to adjust the Billing Payment option.

Now it is possible to add in a new type of field, called the “Number” field. The Number field will accept numerical values of any integer, positive or negative. You can select the checkbox to allow this Number field to affect the payment portion, which will automatically enforce positive numbers and update the billing amount shown to include the value entered.

Bug Fixes and Minor New Features

Store Directory Page Part

  • New feature: Previously, when a store entered their Instagram URL, it pulled through only on Shopkit apps. We have expanded this feature to appear on websites publicly as well.

Staff Page Part

  • Bug fix: When department labels are set up and no staff members are assigned to them, the department title is now hidden automatically.

Collection / Exhibits Page Part

  • Bug fix: Collections and their Items are now publicly displayed by the display order that is set by the user when dragging and dropping the order.

Media Archive Page Part

  • Bug fix: If any episode was missing the Media References field, no subsequent episodes from that series will be loaded into the dropdown. We updated the system so that you are not forced to add a Media Reference to episodes in order for the rest of the episodes with Media References to display in the dropdown.

Forms Page Part

  • Bug fix: When two or more Forms page parts are installed on the same page, both forms will now function properly in setup and export the CSV files properly.
  • Bug fix: When you enable payments on your form, the page will automatically refresh so that the fields that allow numerical values automatically appear.
  • New feature: We expanded the price field placeholder for Checkboxes, Dropdowns, and Radio Buttons.
  • New feature: Radio Buttons can now be deselected upon clicking a second time.
  • New feature: There is a new field for “Number” value that will accept numerical values of any integer, positive or negative. You can choose to have this “Number” field affect the payment portion of your form. If you allow it to affect payments, the numerical value in the “Number” field can only be positive and will automatically update the billing amount shown.

Blog Page Part

  • Bug fix: An error message was thrown when a user attempted to import a blog from Wordpress. Now users can import blogs from Wordpress.
  • New feature: Removed the character limit for blog titles. Blog slugs are still auto-generated based on the title, but they are capped after 100 characters. This can be edited at any time.

WYSIWYG editor and Files

  • Bug fix: Previously, when you inserted an image and went browsing for a file through the “Choose” button, the Files section would only show images. Now, when you browse for a file all file types will show regardless of what you are inserting.
  • New feature: When an administrative editor attempts to upload a file saved with CMYK color space, rather than the web friendly RGB version, SiteWrench will display an error message alerting you why it won’t accept the file type.

SiteWrench Editors

  • Bug fix: When editors attempted to reset their password, the link sent to them would not trigger the proper mechanism. Now editors can reset their passwords as needed.
  • Bug fix: New SiteWrench editors receive their confirmation email to validate their new profile, and the validation link works.
  • New feature: When you add a new editor to SiteWrench, you can choose whether or not to have SiteWrench send an automatic email for validation and confirmation.

If you have any questions or concerns surrounding our bug fixes and new features, please don't hesitate to reach out to our SiteWrench support team at support@sitewrench.com or submit a ticket in your dashboard.

Posted by Nicole Davis at 9:59 AM
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