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Hosting your Domain with Speak

It’s that time of year. Our suppliers that sell domains are sending notices about the increasing costs of domains. Speak has not increased our prices for the purchase and management of domains in the past several years. As you may know, we renew, maintain, and manage your domain and its associated DNS records for a mere $20 a year for each domain.

We are increasing this cost to $25/year for each domain, effective August 1, 2017. If you already host your domain with us, you don’t have to worry about this price increase. The $25 charge will appear on the invoice of the month it renews as usual.

Here are some perks of hosting your domain with us:

Your domain gets renewed. You don’t have to worry about who controls and manages your domain. You don’t have to lose sleep at night wondering if that pesky renewal email from GoDaddy slipped by the wayside.

If your domain doesn’t get renewed, your site goes offline, which is admittedly a bit scary! Plus, it could be complicated to renew a domain and get your site back online if you don’t know who within your organization has the login access.

Do you know who controls your domain? Learn how to find out.

Your domain is mapped properly. This means that we have the technical know-how to associate your domain with your website. When people go to your URL, they actually get to your site. (That doesn’t just happen by magic.)

Our team handles the technical aspect of managing your DNS records. Sometimes your IT team or your email provider asks you to add records to the domain -- like an A record, CNAME record, MX record, TXT record, or SPF record. If that all sounds like gibberish to you, never fear.

Our SiteWrench Support team can do all that for you if you just supply us with the information. If you ever need to change or update your DNS records, we are available during our normal business hours (M-R 7am-5pm | F 7am-11am).

Your information remains private. The public can view the domain owner for any domain simply by going to Who.Is and typing in your URL. If you use a third-party service to purchase and manage your domain, typically they require you to spend an extra $10 or more per domain for “privacy protection,” and that’s on top of the cost of actually owning the domain.

When you let Speak manage your domain, we are the ones who show up as the domain owners rather than your personal information or your business’ information. This keeps you safe from scammers and phishers who are looking to spam you with emails and attempt to sell you more domains similar to the ones you already own. This also means that we’re easy to find if you ever need an IT service to get in touch with us to update the DNS records associated with your domain.

You always own your domain. If you ask us to manage your domain, and then you decide to leave Speak or have someone else manage your domain internally, don’t worry -- we’re not going to hold your domain captive. This is your domain and your brand. It’s essential to your company. We will gladly help you out free of charge to get this domain back into your care.

I want Speak to manage my domain.

Great! We’d love to help out. Simply submit a support ticket in your SiteWrench admin panel and let us know which domain(s) you’d like us to transfer into our care. We will work with you to transfer the domain to us. It will require some effort on your part, as domains go through a few security measures before they can be transferred into someone else’s care. You can expect a few back-and-forth emails with our Support team and a few emails from your current Domain Registrar. The entire process will take 10-14 days, on average.

Of course, if you have any questions, please feel free to reach out or leave a comment below.

Your friendly SiteWrench Community Manager,



Posted by Nicole Davis at 9:00 AM
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