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Forms have gotten even better with these new features!

We're excited to release our latest updates to our 'Forms' Page Part. Check out the new features we have in store for you on all current and future forms! If you're not already using Forms on your site, check out our training videos and documents on how to set them up so you can make the most out of your SiteWrench tools. 

What is a form?

A form is the single most powerful tool for converting one of your site visitors into a lead for your business. In today's finger-driven world, we find that forms are an easy impersonal way to get in touch or get more information about a company, a product or service, without the chit-chat that you'd receive with a phone call.

Setting up forms on your website with our Sitewrench CMS are a great way to engage customers outside of work limitations, such as office or store hours, vacations, etc. They allow you to capture a lead without having to sit at a desk all day waiting for the phone to ring! These new features on our forms are making it easier than ever to manage. Check them out below.

Filter through Submissions

The updates to Forms allow you to filter through the submissions using keywords and a date range. This allows you to easily reaccess a form, or to filter by specific product or service. It also allows you to easily collect a particular month's data.


View Details easily

When you view the Details of a particular submission, you have the option to select "Previous" or "Next" to view the other submissions with ease. 

Select how many submissions to see

If you have hundreds of entries within your form, you now have the option of paging through your submissions and expanding or shrinking your view of entries. 

Never forget to set up Notifications

We've also set up a handy feature that reminds you to set up your notifications. This way you and your staff will never miss a submission again.

What do you think?

Let us know what you think of the latest updates to Forms. If you have any questions, we're available to help. Just send us a support ticket and you'll soon be on your way to maximizing the forms on your site to their full potential. 

We also offer Sitewrench training each Tuesday at 2. To learn more and to view the calendar, click here.

Posted by Nicole Davis at 2:23 PM
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