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August-September Release Notes

Helpful New Features in Sitewrench

URLs auto-link in your editor toolbar

Now when you copy and paste a link directly from your browser into SiteWrench’s WYSIWYG editor toolbar, the link will be automatically applied.

This works for full URLs when copied directly from the browser. As always, you can double click to edit your link and modify the URL or change its specifications. In this example, I modify the first link to open up in a new browser tab.


Add Notes for yourself and your fellow SiteWrench editors onto your Page Parts

Page Part notes are a great way for your team to communicate and remind each other about various specifications related to particular page parts.

For instance, your Banner Rotator may work best when you use images of 1500 pixels wide by 700 pixels tall. Sometimes it’s hard to remember these image specs for every instance on your site.

Maybe you’ve saved this information to your local computer as a reminder, or you’ve forgotten the specs and you guess week after week.

Instead of guessing or having to reference something off your site, we’ve given you the ability to add in Page Part notes that will act as reminders for whatever information you want to convey related to that page part.

These notes can only be viewed on the admin side of SiteWrench.


Bug Fixes and Minor New Features

Calendar Page Part

New feature: We increased the Detail Calendar List to allow for 365 days of events, rather than a maximum of 180 like before.

Blog Page Part

Bug Fix: Cover images and Details Images can be deleted out and replaced.

Job Board Page Part

New Feature: When you copy in your Twitter username with an @ symbol, SiteWrench will automatically strip the symbol so that your Twitter username is validated properly.

Bug Fix: Date that is set when a job is posted will no longer be edited every time someone edits the posting itself.

Bug Fix: Custom slugs are no longer validated if they include spaces.

Countdown Module Page Part

Bug Fix: Previously, when multiple recurring countdowns were set up, the first event listed would display, and then the second event would not display properly. Now when the first event activity start and end time are complete, the second activity will display its countdown clock.

Creating and Editing Profiles

Bug fix: Creating new profiles and editing existing ones no longer throws an error.

Media Archive Page Part

Bug fix: For secure sites, Vimeo links were not loading properly. We adjusted the javascript to allow for an insecure Vimeo link on a secure site without throwing an error.

Related Content Widget

Bug Fix: Any recent Blog Posts that have no tag associated will call existing blog posts within the site on the Related Content Widget.

Collections Page Part

Bug Fix: You are now able to switch out an Item’s Media and have it display properly on the public facing side of the site.

Page Parts

Bug Fix: Multiple page parts installed on a page would sometimes cause an error upon refresh and not display the content. This has been fixed.

Support Tickets

Bug fix: Clients can now submit a “Code Red” without freezing their browser page.


New Feature: We adjusted the Sort order of logins so that they are in descending order; most recent logins appear first.

Bug Fix: Credit Card information can be adjusted without hitting a billing profile error.

Posted by Nicole Davis at 1:37 PM
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